The Flip Flop Book Shop is owned and operated by Stephen Barnett. Instilled with a love for reading at a young age, Stephen has always had a love affair with books and used bookstores - never missing a chance to visit every bookstore during family vacations. Moving to the Eastern Shore in 2016 with his wife, Jennifer, and daughter, Taylor, the Barnett family found their home in this most unique community. A former teacher and historian, Stephen started the Flip Flop Book Shop to further enhance the Eastern Shore community as a place where books, ideas, and community can be curated and cultivated.  

It is the hope of our family that the Flip Flop Book Shop becomes one of those special places where book lovers find respite, relaxation, and reprieve. We hope to help create a space where good stories are shared, where hardships are healed, and where company is kept whether within our pages or within our neighborhoods.

We hope to meet you very soon.



At Flip Flop Book Shop, we regularly accept donations, consignments, and on-spot sales on a regular basis, and our ever-expanding inventory reflects this. We strive to be competively priced. We often have the same title available in new and used conditions, often saving customers money on slightly used - like new - titles of their favorite authors.

Our shoppers benefit from our low prices. Customers will find that most of our used book prices are actually cheaper than the average online prices where fees and shipping costs get passed along to the customer. 

Customers will find that our constantly changing stock of books provides a fresh shopping experience to every visit. You never know what treasure will walk through the door and be available to a new home.

The books we carry offer shoppers endless opportunities to find topics, titles, and authors both known and undiscovered. Come browse our stacks and experience what a positive buying experience feels like. Check out why Flip Flop Book Shop is becoming the go-to used book shop along the gulf coast.  Visit us today! We look forward to meeting you.

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