Holding Books


What do we Buy and Accept for Trade

We accept for trade and purchase most books in very good or better condition. This means books without a lot of writing, highlighting, or other markings. Former library books in good condition will be accepted at reduced market value. We do not accept books with torn covers or spines, textbooks (with exceptions), encyclopedias, bibles, pamphlets or other ephemera, or book club or reader's digest collections. At this time, we are also not accepting or selling music, dvds, records, or comic books.

While we welcome mass-market paperbacks for trade value, we do not pat cash for mass-market or genre paperbacks. Such books with which the original retail price was less than $10 will likely be granted $1 or less in trade value. 

We offer trade credit at forty percent and purchase books at twenty-five percent of the market value. Please read below for additional details.



At the Flip Flop Book Shop, we offer our customers in-store credit in return for high-quality gently used books you wish to trade-in. The trade-credit we offer is very straight-forward. We offer 40% of the selling price we set for your items. You may then use your trade credit toward 50% of the value of future used book purchases and 20% of new book purchases. 

We accept trade-ins regularly, but only clean, unstained goods in good condition. If you have more than a box or two, we recommend contacting us in advance to make an appointment or please plan to leave the books with us to sort as we have time. We also buy books outright. Please see below for details about our purchasing program.

Contact us for more details and start trading in your old for new today!